Electrical CAD

Structure Type: Course
Code: KL25AB95400
Level: Bachelor
Credits: 3.0 points
Responsible Teacher: Reinilä, Hannu
Language of Instruction: Finnish

Course Implementations, Planned Year of Study and Semester

Curriculum  Semester  Credits  Start of Semester  End of Semester
AUTE-2013SAUT   2 autumn   3.0   2014-09-01   2014-12-31  
AUTE-2014SAUT   2 autumn   3.0   2015-08-01   2015-12-31  
AUTE-2015SAUT   2 autumn   3.0   2016-08-01   2016-12-31  
AUTE-2016SAUT   2 autumn   3.0   2017-08-01   2017-12-31  

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course, students will be competent in making computer-aided drawings of wiring diagrams used in the field of automation.

Student's Workload

Will be announced at the beginning of the course.

Prerequisites / Recommended Optional Courses

No previous studies are required.


-Using the CADS Planner designing programme
-Drawing a principle diagram and a wiring diagram using appropriate software
-Centre diagram applications
-Chart applications
-Centre layout applications

Recommended or Required Reading

Lecture material

Mode of Delivery / Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

Lectures and exercises with CADS Planner

Assessment Criteria

1 Student knows the basics of the course.
3 Student knows the contents of the course well.
5 Student knows the contents of the course well and can apply their knowledge in practice.

Assessment Methods

Exercises and exam

Work Placement