Mobile programming

Structure Type: Course
Code: KL04VEMO05
Level: Bachelor
Credits: 3.0 points
Responsible Teacher: Mäkelä, Petteri
Language of Instruction: Finnish

Course Implementations, Planned Year of Study and Semester

Curriculum  Semester  Credits  Start of Semester  End of Semester
TITE-2013   3 spring   3.0   2016-01-01   2016-07-31  
TITE-2014   3 spring   3.0   2017-01-01   2017-07-31  
TITE-2015   3 spring   3.0   2018-01-01   2018-07-31  
TITE-2016   4 spring   3.0        

Learning Outcomes

Student can write programs for smart phones. Student knows the limitations of the smart phone environment

Student's Workload

Lectures and exercises 40 h, self-study 40 h

Prerequisites / Recommended Optional Courses

Object-oriented programming


Smart phones, user interfaces, SMS messages, http and socket communication, bluetooth, positioning API

Recommended or Required Reading

Lecture materials
Windows phone or Android tutorials in the internet

Mode of Delivery / Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

Lectures and exercises

Assessment Criteria

- excellent (5): The student can design and develop a demanding application for smart phone, which utilizes several APIs.
- good (3-4) The student masters well the principles of mobile technology and can develop an application to a smart phone.
- satisfactory (1-2) The student knows the basics

Assessment Methods

Exam and exercises