Libraries and Multicultural Services

Structure Type: Course
Code: KH18CMKK01
Type: Elective
Level: Bachelor
Credits: 5.0 points
Responsible Teacher: Mäkinen-Laitila, Sari
Teacher Team: Jokitalo, Päivi
Language of Instruction: English

Learning Outcomes

After the course the student is able to describe the multicultural issues of a public library and an academic library. S/he is able to list services that are necessary to a multicultural library. The student is able to name the international library organisations and to briefly describe their main tasks in the library field. S/he is able to explain the qualities needed when working with multicultural and inter-cultural issues in the library branch.

Student's Workload

Total work load of the course: 130 h.
- 40 h contact studies
- 90 h independent studies, assignments, online studies

Prerequisites / Recommended Optional Courses

Libraries and Multicultural Environments


- Multicultural issues in a public library and in an academic library
- Multicultural customers
- Building services in a multicultural environment – the meaning of a user-centered approach
- Library as a multi- and intercultural work community
- International library organizations
- Development co-operation in the field of libraries

Recommended or Required Reading

Audunson, R., Brunelli, M. Goulding, A. 2005. The Library in the Multi-cultural Information Society in European Curriculum .
In: European curriculum reflections on library and information science education
Other materials will be announced at the beginning of the course.

Mode of Delivery / Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods

Lectures, conversations, group work and written assignments.

Assessment Criteria

The student is able to
- describe the central concepts in intercultural and multicultural library work
- specify the work practices and goals of a multicultural library
- name the central international library organisations and their overall tasks

The student is able to
- describe a library-centered way or working in a multicultural environment
- describe how to apply a multi-cultural approach in their own work

The student is able to
- describe how to apply a multicultural work approach in the development of library services

Assessment Methods

Will be announced at the beginning of the course.

Work Placement

No work placement.